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Ronnie is still big (May 2011)



RONNY ROCKEL 3 weeks out from ARNOLD Classic


ROELLY WINKLAAR 3 weeks out from ARNOLD Classic


Evan Centopani 2 weeks out from FLEX PRO


PHIL HEALTH 11 February 2011.


Alexey Lesukov 4 weeks out from Arnold Amateur 2011











IFBB Pro World Masters Championship, December 10, 2011.  Miami, Florida


Special invites to:

Larry Scott
Sergio Oliva
Chris Dickerson
Lee Haney
Samir Bannout
Dorian Yates
Ronnie Coleman
Dexter Jackson
Aaron Baker
Flex Wheeler
Ed Corney
Andreas Cahling
Dave Draper
Paul Dillet
Milos Sarcev
Vince Taylor
Nasser El Sonbaty
Kevin Levrone
Franco Columbu
Rich Gaspari
Shawn Ray
Eddie Robinson
Chris Cormier
Tom Platz
Robby Robinson
Lou Ferrigno
Lee Priest
Pavol Jablonicky
Rolland Kickinger
Mike Francois
Bob Paris
Danny Padilla
Gary Strydom
Günter Schlierkamp


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Ronnie Coleman guest posing



Ronnie Coleman Come Back In 2010. II.

THIS IS A MUSCLE SPORT MAG EXCLUSIVE – After a year of speculation, Ronnie Coleman has decided not to compete in the 2010 Mr. Olympia. In an e-mail sent to our publication, the 8-time Sandow winner plainly stated, “I’m definitely not doing the Olympia.”


Ronnie Coleman Come Back In 2010. I.

Latest news that 8 time Mr Olympia Winner come back in 2010 for 2010
Mr Olympia Competition, and now he is very better and huge condition,
he train very hard before 2 years for 2010 Mr Olympia Bodybuilding Contest, we heard this news today from Musclesports Radio,Ronnie coleman who is 8 time mr olympia winner will be come back at 2010 Mr Olympia contest, Ronnie coleman's many fans will post comments and will ask why Ronnie coleman is not participate at this contest,well ronnie coleman's many contracts with BSN and his travel commitments will not allow him to prepare for 2009 Mr.Olympia,Ronnie coleman had a back injury which prevented him to compete in 2008 and lead to 4th place on 2007 Olympia,2008 and 2007 was very bad year for Ronnie coleman,well now in 2010 Ronnie coleman look better, now we see again The King Of bodybuilding world Mr Ronnie coleman at 2010 Mr Olympia Contest.

Face off for Mr. Olympia cover!!! Vote Phil vs. Kai click

ROELLY WINKLAAR new pictures


Phil Heath - Journey to Olympia DVD trailer click

Zack Khan's official DVD trailer click

Zack Khan underwent surgery to repair two detached tendons in both knees

Khan said yesterday. "I'm positive, I've spoken to doctors who said I'd be up and walking within six to eight weeks.

"This is just another obstacle. I've had many in my life and gotten through them all, so this is nothing. I'll be back soon."

BIRTHDATE: July 1, 1980
BIRTHPLACE: Kashmir, Pakistan
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Sheffield, England
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 260 pounds (contest); 300-315 (offseason)
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 2009 British Championships super-heavyweight and overall winner; 2008 British Championships, heavyweight, 4th; 2005-07 British Championships, heavyweight, 2nd


 ROELLY WINKLAAR 1 weeks out from NY Pro




NEW Lee Priest pictures 



NEW Branch Warren pictures guest posing


New Victor Martinez training pics




Jay Cutler guest posing at the 2010 NPC Natural Ohio


Dennis Wolf guest posing this past weekend,(NPC Utah) 6 weeks out from NY Pro

































 Ronnie Coleman Guest Posing in Paraguay







 Massive Bodybuilder Dennis Wolf!

Get up close and personal with the Big Bad Wolf of professional bodybuilding, as Dennis Wolf shares his thoughts on the aftermath of the 2009 Mr. Olympia, joining Team BSN, and what to expect in 2010.


New JAY CUTLER dvd trailer


First Pro Show in 2010.pro-poster_pho.jpg









IFBB Pro Men's Bodybuilding Ranking List 

The top professional IFBB bodybuilding ranking's, according to the RAS statistics, based on real-time statistics, unbiased information, and appearances in competitions.  

1. Jay Cutler USA


2. Branch Warren USA


 3. Dexter Jackson USA


4. Kai Green USA  
5. Phil Heath USA  
6. Victor Martinez USA
7. Ronnie Rockel Germany 
8. Tony Freeman USA 
9. Hidetada Yamagishi Japan  
10. Moe Elmoussawi New Zealand 
11. Melvin Anthony USA 
12. Evan Centopani USA



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